Why are you gate-blocking your content?

Why are you gate-blocking your content?

Lead Generation is killing Content Marketing

The goal of B2B online marketeers is to grow their turnover.

In order to achieve it, they are mainly focused on identifying new leads, qualifying them, making sure they come back on their channels with the hope to generate a sale.
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Why and how you should use UTM tracking

This article was originally posted on Qualifio.com

Everybody has seen such kind of extended URLs:


Often hidden behind a link shortener, these long addresses are “smart” in that they help you measure the impact of your marketing actions: Welcome to the world of the Urchin Tracking Module or UTM tag.

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Content Marketing now available in Belgium

Nothing really new for a lot of people. But for me – it’s quite a news : with this new school year, i’ve been confronted with the first real Content Marketing strategy by a major B2C Belgian brand on Facebook – or at least, a campaign that really took my attention. ING is a major bank – and they’re surfing on the news to give advices to parents regarding children’s pocket money. Nothing crazy, once again, but it’s the confirmation that Belgian big brands are now aware of Content Marketing & more globally Digital Marketing. Continue reading “Content Marketing now available in Belgium”