Lead Generation is killing Content Marketing

The goal of B2B online marketeers is to grow their turnover.

In order to achieve it, they are mainly focused on identifying new leads, qualifying them, making sure they come back on their channels with the hope to generate a sale.

A lot of them are investing time & money into Quality Content Creation to

  • stand out from the crowd
  • grow their awareness
  • generate traffic
  • educate their leads
  • engage with them
  • position themselves as experts
  • become viral
  • generate opt-ins
  • and sell.

This is what can be called a brand editorial marketing approach. We’re speaking here of creative quality content, not hidden-commercial message.

“Content Marketing is about earning familiarity, trust and relationship”. (@randfish)

In other words : it’s about creating a community around your brand.

This community aspect is often forgotten and the only valid KPI for B2B marketeers is the following :

a new lead = a new email address.

It makes them use different kind of strategies : gate blocked white papers, gate blocked video, subscribe to read more etc.

Some of those initiatives are creative, most of them are not. And it works, or worked. A bit.

The @datanyze case

I found a potentially interesting video on their channels (over the importance of young cold-calling sales reps, if I remember well). A video that I launch, good point.

After 5 seconds, the video is interrupted and i’m asked for my email to watch further. Frustration. I’m gone. Didn’t watch the video. Wasn’t exposed to their message.

Let us think again.

  • We are investing a lot of time and a lot of money into Quality Content creation.
  • We all know how hard it is to produce quality blog articles, video, quizzes, surveys, infographics…
  • What we ideally want is to distinguish ourselves through Quality and create a community of people around our brand, learning with us, reading with us, commenting with us.

It’s already difficult, so why on earth are we blocking access to this content?

A/B test your White Paper download landing page : With and without form. Check the results, how many people are confronted to your content on both?

Don’t we think that if our content is really qualitative, our leads will provide their details by themselves?

  • Shouldn’t our content be 100% available without a form or an opt-in
  • Shouldn’t the “stay in touch” call to actions appear after content-consumption?
  • How can a lead be in contact with your company if you are, on your own, putting barriers?

If you’re blocking your content, just my guess, but pretty sure you’re also afraid of double opt-in process… and your database is full of crappy emails.

This is what we’re changing at Qualifio with a new kind of Landing Page template. Containing a direct link to the content, and a optional form to “stay in touch if the content was qualitative.”

We’ll monitor it and share our results.




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