Mailchimp embedded signup forms : automatically add to hidden group

Automatically add new subscribers to hidden groups via sign up forms.

You’re using Mailchimp embedded sign up forms on different places, and you have multiple hidden groups on your list.
You want all new subscribers to be in specific groups without them knowing it.
It’s quite easy to implement, but not easy to find it in Mailchimp Documentation.

– Let’s say we have a Hidden Group Origin, with 2 fields = Website and Unbounce.
– I want to place a embedded sign up form on my website, all subscribers coming from this form should be marked as Origin=Website in Mailchimp.
– What we want to do is add a hidden pre-selected group to my sign-up form.


Here are the steps :


1) Go to your list / Sign up forms / General Forms and make sure your field is visible.
Screen 1
2) Go to Sign up forms / Embedded forms
3) Copy Paste the generated code into a text tool
4) Find the field of “Origin” with the search function
Now we want to do 2 things : Check Website then hide the fields.

Pre-select Website

Find the line of “Website” in the code, it should be something like this :


<input type=”checkbox” value=”1″ name=“group[XXXXXX][X]” id=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-X”><label for=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-0”>Website</label>
and simply add checked at the end of the <input> tag.
<input type=”checkbox” value=”1″ name=“group[XXXXXX][X]” id=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-X” checked><label for=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-0”>Website</label>



Hide the fields

The website is now checked, what we want now is that this “Origin field” which is visible doesn’t appear anymore on my sign up form. Simple, we are going to use style=“display-none” and erase all labels (texts).


<div style=”display:none” class=”mc-field-group input-group”>
<strong>Origin </strong> —> ERASE all this
<ul><li><input type=”checkbox” value=”1″ name=“group[XXXXX][1]” id=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-0″ checked><label for=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-0”>ERASE</label></li>
<li><input  type=”checkbox” value=”2″ name=”group[XXXXX][2]” id=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-1″><label for=”mce-group[XXXXX]-XXXXX-1″>ERASE</label></li>


This can of course be repeated with other groups – or check multiple options.
And now simply copy/paste this new code into your website and you should be good to go after a few tests.





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