Don’t Ask Credit Cards informations too quickly!

I was really excited to meet “Edgar” – I’m indeed waiting for a quality “old content re-poster platform” since a few months. I then signed up for what i thought was a free trial. While I was waiting a few days for an Invitation [Coupon Code] – I receive cool emails from their team – not intrusive but building their product awareness. All good.

I finally receive this Coupon Code. Stopped everything to discover the platform. And babam.


I thought i’d be able to test the platform by clicking on ‘apply’. Nope. I need to insert my Credit Cards details. I don’t want to do it, yet. I only want to make a very quick judgement on the tool at this point. Which I can’t here. So I left, without having the opportunity to fell in love. Even if it’s a 500$/month SAAS – I still feel that it’s a simple enough platform to test it for free. I assume i’m not their target then.

Don’t ask credit card details too quickly, if your product is as good as you think, you’ll get the data soon enough.

More over Edgar.


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